Friends of the Mint commemorative coins minted in the feast of St. Agatha

domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

If anything has characterized the Friends of the Mint during its long existence is its commitment to promote the value and importance of the former Royal Mill in Segovia and coinage as hallmark of the town of Segovia.
Therefore, for some time, the group chaired by the historian, numismatist Glenn Murray takes all kinds of festivities and celebrations to cultivate, distribute and sell commemorative coins to immortalize these events.
The initiative has set, as are hundreds of people often turn to mint its own currency, as happened the night of San Frutos at the door of the Cathedral. The next meeting will be Sunday February 7, day Zamarramala women celebrate the traditional festival of Saint Agatha, popular rejoicing takes place since 1227. Here, then, in the square of Mayors will be Murray and his contraption to carve coin with a hammer. The association said yesterday that it will be the traditional coin toss into the air. Specifically, will be 32 pieces, divided into two handfuls of 16 coins each for what to look for the symbology Segovia 2016.
These may pick them off the ground completely free. For the occasion, the Association of Friends of the Mint has commissioned a die to the recorder Juan Jose Sanchez Castano, a member of the group and professional writer, who has recorded a chisel along the older technique. The coin is precious. The obverse is a mayor Zamarriego with veranda and staff of office. All around are the inscriptions: "From 1227. Santa Agueda. Zamarramala '.
The reverse of the coin shows the four monuments of Segovia, ie, the Aqueduct, the Cathedral, the Alcazar and the Mint, dated 2010. According to sources in the association, will also be sold in Zamarramala recorded in ink and embossed design on paper currency, the work of Miguel Angel Maroto partner also. The aim is to collaborate with the party of mayors and spreading the name of the Mint and the importance of coinage was in Segovia in the past.