Town in Chile outraged by a banknote new design.

viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Chile. The people and authorities of Ninhue, a small town in the province of Ñuble in the Bío Bío region, are outraged after learning that the new bill design of 10 thousand dollars does not include what they consider their greatest pride: the Casona de San Agustin de Punual, birthplace of national hero Arturo Prat Chacón.

The mayor of the commune say they feel discriminated against in the new Central Bank's decision. "As we are a small community and we consider changing the house where he was born Arturo Prat for a landscape that has nothing to do with his legacy would have been preferable to put a picture of Iquique, where the greatest hero born lived his quest Ninhue glorious, "said the mayor. Moreover, the historian Iribarren Fabian says the change in the bill was not successful because "violates the heritage of Chile." "Tourists who come display a ticket of 10 thousand dollars and take as the background was the house that Prat and now can not do. You lose a landmark tour, "he said Iribarren. The new bill, which will begin masificarse in March this year, has the replacement of the manor, Agostino Albert Park located in Patagonia, which the Central Bank decided to privilege the emblematic figures of our nation and the outstanding places national geography