New Banknote of 500 Cordobas at Nicaragua

jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Nicaragua's Central Bank (NCB) put into circulation new banknotes of 500 cordobas, made of cotton paper, which began to be distributed on Wednesday.

NCB president, Antenor Rosales, said the new issue completes the renewal cycle córdobas tickets started last year.

The new bill will have on one side the image of the birthplace of national hero Augusto C. Sandino, and the Indian side, a statue.

"We wanted to present national image," said the chairman of NCB. He said each of the names is a different size, being larger at higher denomination. Each denomination greater is five millimeters larger. So the ticket 10 cordobas measured 131 mm, the 20 measured 136 and so on, up to 500, whose measure is 156 millimeters.

A total of 12 million tickets issued for distribution over the next three years. "We have to move a million ways (tickets)," said Rosales.

This totals 6 billion of Cordoba in 500 notes. However, the official added that this year the NCB will be a commemorative banknotes fifty years of the NCB, made from polymer substrate, the same material of the 10 bills and 20 cordobas. In this respect, gave no details of the amount of the issue. It is an issue that, according to Rosales, has already been approved by the Board of this institution and then begin the bidding process and discussion of the commemorative banknote designs.


The new bill has a number of measures to ensure their safety and make it difficult to forge. The new notes have what is known as a watermark, seal, optically variable, ie a label that changes color when you move the bill, iridescent band, security thread and other additions such measures infrared ink.