Chile: New 10000 pesos banknote

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

The central bank president Jose De Gregorio, accompanied by the treasurer manager, Ivan Montoya, today present the new look of the 10 thousand pesos banknote, which began circulating on 3 March.
The newly designed paper money remains the figure of Arturo Prat, albeit with a revamped image in blue tones characteristic of the denomination.
The change is the second step in the gradual process of replacement of domestic banknote, which began last September with the replacement of paper currency of 5,000 pesos.
Besides the cosmetic changes and paper, the renovation includes new security measures to the new banknotes.
In this case, the paper shows on its face in bold relief printing and a transparent window with a picture and a number that will be incomplete in each of the faces, but looking to the light will appreciate the complete number.
In total, the renovation of the 5 tickets (20 mil, 10 mil, 5 thousand, 2 thousand and 1,000 pesos) 2 years long in total.The proposed change of the ticket family sued a total investment of 700 thousand dollars in 3 years, including the hiring of international experts.