Argentina new $2 pesos coin

martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

The Government of Argentina plans to launch by mid next year the $ 2 coin, which initially coexist on the same banknote of that denomination. The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) has already launched the bid to cover the provision of 300 million with blanks that will be minted.
The BCRA is responsible for analyzing and deciding the acquisition of the blanks without mint-after checking the quality of materials and price, among other factors, and then refer them to the Mint, for its completion.
The determination, according to authorities, reflects an amount that is considered essential for consumers. Thus, accompany the existing $ 1 coins, $ 0.50, $ 0.25, $ 0.10 and $ 0.5.
The idea was also by the need to replace the banknotes for a nickel for extending the life of that value. It is estimated that due to the times that are handled in the bidding process, the coins might come into service in August or September of next year. The official rate of 300 million banknotes for metal parts will be implemented from November 2011.
While still not known with certainty what the national figure who will bring new money, nor the size of it, it is estimated that the colors will reverse the $1 (the nucleus is silver and the gold selvage).
The Central Bank had already conducted emissions commemorative coins with values of two pesos $: One was in 1999, to mark the centenary of Jorge Luis Borges. In this currency, setting out the writer's face engraved on one side and the other, the Labyrinth, which highlighted his work.
In 2002, the Central Bank launched an issue of commemorative coins of two pesos anniversary of the death of Eva Duarte de Peron, which occurred in 1952, and on the obverse the profile of the political leader of Argentina, and back a print that resembled a crowd in the traditional Plaza de Mayo.
A posteriori, in 2007, the national government issued one of two dollars, in this case to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of oil in Argentina. In this award, highlighting the image of the first oil well established in Comodoro Rivadavia.
Also commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War, the Central Bank launched a special issue of two million coins of two pesos, with the aim of paying tribute to the fallen combatants.
Even in 1994, the government of Carlos Menem issued a five-peso coin in commemoration of the "National Constitutional Convention" which amended the Constitution.

Community Currencies , proposed by President Chavez

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, called upon the inhabitants of the commune in socialist construction Panal (Honeycomb) 2021, which includes seven community councils January 23 sector west of Caracas, to the creation of a communal currency through which concrete exchange of goods and services within the locality.
The Head of State said that the creation of community currencies is covered in the Constitution and the Draft Law for the Promotion and Development of Community Economic System, and urged other communities to initiate their use.
During inspection of a packer located in the Commune Sugar Honeycomb 2021, said that the implementation of the new currency will advance community improvement of barter, which strengthens the solidarity and community organization through trade.
"You can make a coin for it to work right here is why we have the mint that will facilitate special role for anyone to falsify," the Head of State.
He explained that the currency exchange would be worthless against a good and the community itself should determine in which locations could be effective implementation. Chavez said that it could be used as remuneration in voluntary work or to benefit the neediest families, but never paid formal employment.
"You will put the name you want, you can be comb 2021, or 23, as you decide." Chavez said. He invited people from 23 January to study in depth the laws that underpin the creation of community currencies to immediately start its implementation and progress in their development.
Currently the National Assembly (AN) prepares the report of the Draft Law for the Promotion and Development of Community Economic System, which provides for the use of barter and community currency in commercial transactions between communities, but not intended to substitute no means the lawful currency Venezuelan Bolivar.
The proposed social currency is also applied in countries such as Argentina, USA, Chile, Mexico and Brazil, as well as European nations.

New 500 pesos banknote at México

lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) announced the entry into service of the new banknotes with the face of muralist Diego Rivera and painter Frida Kahlo. The two figures are self-portraits of the artists themselves.

In the face of the note appears as the main reason a self-portrait of Diego Rivera, who formed the great triad muralist twentieth century Mexico with Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.Al side of his face plays the painting "Girl with Calla Lilies .

On the back of the banknote, the main image is a portrait of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Rivera's wife. Together with a reproduction of "Self Portrait of the Universe." The painter was noted for creating paintings in which she herself was the main theme, while others approached the surrealist movement.

Thus, the figure of General Ignacio Zaragoza, hero of the Battle of Puebla, was displaced.

With this banknote replacement program culminates with the family of banknotes announced on September 26, 2006 by the Mexican Central Bank on the occasion of celebration of 200 years of independence, and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

The new banknotes will start circulating in parallel with the old, which will gradually be withdrawn from circulation as they are captured by the banking system, it said.

Bolivia comemorative coin

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) was released the "commemorative coin of the principles and values of the new constitution" was promulgated on 7 February.
Were sent to develop 7000 units of commemorative coins to the Mint Royal House of Holland
The silver coin of 27 grams, will cost 200 Bolivianos and is sold in boxes of BCB and agencies of the Union Bank.
The coins are forged with a smooth edge composition of silver 933, high quality, weighing 27 grams, with a cylindrical shape with 32 mm in size.

"The Constitution provides that the State assumes and promotes as ethical and moral principles of society loves qhilla plural concepts, llulla loves, loves suwa (do not be lazy, do not lie, do not steal), sum qamaña (live well) Ñandereko (harmonious life), Teko kavi (good life), ivi maraei (land without evil) and Qhapaj nan (road or noble life), "argues the paper.

The first three concepts: llulla loves, loves and loves suwa keel, the effigy of President Evo Morales and his name is engraved on one side of the coin and in the other, the national emblem and the legend: State Plurinational Bolivia .

The Central Bank said that when the current Constitution was promulgated, the country launched a renewed phase of its history with the birth of the State Plurinational Bolivia and a new time-oriented principles and values recovered from ancient customs and social relations.

"In commemoration of the historic enactment of the Constitution and the validity of its principles and values, the Central Bank of Bolivia has issued a commemorative coin," justifies such an entity.

New 100 pesos in Mexico

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) today put into circulation the new bill of 100 pesos.

The new 100-peso banknote is 66 mm high by 134 long, has the image of Nezahualcoyotl front and back the city of Tenochtitlan, also has security features to the touch, sight and movement .

As well as the wire with three-dimensional effect, which distinguishes the pre-Hispanic symbol of a snail associated with the god of wind, which seems to float and move horizontally and vertically.

It also contains the image of an ear, whose right side is printed with special ink that changes color, from brown to green when tilted at various angles and a watermark with the image of Nezahualcoyotl.

Manuel Galan, general manager of issue of Banxico, said that in the coming weeks will be announced the last ticket of the New Family, which started in 2006, which will be 500 pesos, which will have 148 mm long and will feature images of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

This piece is the fifth of the new family of banknotes which started in 2006, which are already running the 20, 50, 200 pesos.

The new notes will be 100 pesos to the public, like the pieces of the same name made of paper and polymer, which celebrate the centenary of the Mexican Revolution.

Stopped new 20,000 Colones of Costa Rica

sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) announced it would postpone the entry into service of new ¢ 20,000 banknote originally anticipated by 11 August.

Yesterday the bank announced in a press release, that next Monday will give details of moving the release date of the banknote bearing the image of the writer Maria Isabel Carvajal, Carmen Lyra.

It is assumed that a graphical error prompted the agency to stop the release of the new ticket.

Since June, the Central Bank gave notes ¢ 20,000 to financial institutions, companies that operate ATMs and casinos, among others, to conduct the adjustments to their teams with the technical specifications.

The Central Bank introduced last April the "new family" consisting of notes of ¢ 1000, ¢ 2000, ¢ 5000, ¢ 10,000 ¢ 20,000 to ¢ 50,000. It's called "family" as they all have items placed in the same position.

Each name refers to one of the six ecosystems that exist in Costa Rica and are printed on the front images worthy of the country.

The BCCR has 10 million items of note from ¢ 20,000 and the amount starts to circulate in the coming days will depend on demand.

The company that makes the new notes is Oberthur Technologies, whose facilities are located in Rennes, France.

Color Panama Coin

viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Panama will emit about 2 million Balboas to be minted in coins 25 cents, with Panama flag embossed color image superimposed on the "Palace of the Herons".

The minting of coins group corresponds to a $ 50 million authorized by Act No. 74 of November 11, 2009.

The economy minister, Alberto Vallarino, introducing the proposal to the National Assembly said that the minting of circulation coins, painted and alluding to our flag, positioned to Panama as one of the three countries that has innovated the numimática, minting coins color flow, using advanced technology that will allow durability of the painted image equivalent to the durability of the currency under regular use conditions.

The new currency does not include color any variation in the metal composition, diameter, weight, or magnetic signal, which ensures its use in any slot machine, whether public telephones, parking meters, dispensing food, gambling, including others.

New 200 Quetzales banknote at Guatemala

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

The Bank of Guatemala has announced it will launch a new banknote of 200 quetzales (U.S. $ 25) on August 10, 2010 (originally scheduled for November 2009 and after March 2010) in response to high demand and the rate of falsifying the existing note Q100, which was published with improved security, November 6, 2009.
The Q200 is printed by the German company Giesecke & Devrient who won the tender in May 2009.
The tickets are over 20 security features, including special paper, UV ink, latent image, OVI, security thread, the patch holographic, and laser printing.

In October 2002, initiated the project of creation of the new ticket Q200, with the commission formed by then-Treasurer Banguat, Fernando Ramirez, Director of Administrative Services, Mynor Saravia, the General Counsel of Banguat, César Martínez and Charge Cultural Activities, Ricardo Martinez.

They should do everything necessary to meet the new design proposals and raise it to the Monetary Board and to Congress for approval.

At first proposals were submitted for the issuance of tickets Q200, Q500 and Q1, 000, being proposed as the main themes for these bilet: Marimba, Guatemala and National Heritage Literature (declared by UNESCO).

The commission sought and allegorical theme of the new ticket Q200, failed to reach an agreement to select the character from Guatemala who would mention the new ticket, so called well-known Guatemalan historians to submit their proposals, given their knowledge. This situation called Celso Lara, Miguel Alvarez, Fernando Urquizú and Haroldo Rodas, who together proposed more than 130 characters and themes, with the theme The Marimba as the chosen, leaving at once for issuing ticket Q200

In this process, it was decided to capture images of Guatemalans Sebastian Hurtado, Mariano Alcántara Valverde and Germain in the new ticket.

The next step was a public call for the design of the new ticket. Of the more than five hundred submissions received, the jury chose 134 of those were only the final six. After that, comes the stage of technical development (in a lengthy process) and choose the final drawings of the front and back, the dominant color and secondary colors, complementary design elements such as figures defined, geometric shapes, strips and frames side, the general safety items such as paper or base material, and printing inks, and then choose specific safety devices.

quetzal image is different. Q200 The new bill shows the national bird perched on his two legs, unlike the traditional image that shows the quetzal in flight.

Guatemala is the first bill that honors three outstanding people, having the image of them in front;

In the upper (middle right) of the ticket, is a blues band. This is the belt of Tecum Uman, a replica of the monument of the zone 13 in Guatemala City.

Another security measure is the hallmark of Tecum Uman coat of arms on the front of the ticket, right at the bottom center. It is a seal of water leaving view this image.