New 200 Quetzales banknote at Guatemala

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

The Bank of Guatemala has announced it will launch a new banknote of 200 quetzales (U.S. $ 25) on August 10, 2010 (originally scheduled for November 2009 and after March 2010) in response to high demand and the rate of falsifying the existing note Q100, which was published with improved security, November 6, 2009.
The Q200 is printed by the German company Giesecke & Devrient who won the tender in May 2009.
The tickets are over 20 security features, including special paper, UV ink, latent image, OVI, security thread, the patch holographic, and laser printing.

In October 2002, initiated the project of creation of the new ticket Q200, with the commission formed by then-Treasurer Banguat, Fernando Ramirez, Director of Administrative Services, Mynor Saravia, the General Counsel of Banguat, César Martínez and Charge Cultural Activities, Ricardo Martinez.

They should do everything necessary to meet the new design proposals and raise it to the Monetary Board and to Congress for approval.

At first proposals were submitted for the issuance of tickets Q200, Q500 and Q1, 000, being proposed as the main themes for these bilet: Marimba, Guatemala and National Heritage Literature (declared by UNESCO).

The commission sought and allegorical theme of the new ticket Q200, failed to reach an agreement to select the character from Guatemala who would mention the new ticket, so called well-known Guatemalan historians to submit their proposals, given their knowledge. This situation called Celso Lara, Miguel Alvarez, Fernando Urquizú and Haroldo Rodas, who together proposed more than 130 characters and themes, with the theme The Marimba as the chosen, leaving at once for issuing ticket Q200

In this process, it was decided to capture images of Guatemalans Sebastian Hurtado, Mariano Alcántara Valverde and Germain in the new ticket.

The next step was a public call for the design of the new ticket. Of the more than five hundred submissions received, the jury chose 134 of those were only the final six. After that, comes the stage of technical development (in a lengthy process) and choose the final drawings of the front and back, the dominant color and secondary colors, complementary design elements such as figures defined, geometric shapes, strips and frames side, the general safety items such as paper or base material, and printing inks, and then choose specific safety devices.

quetzal image is different. Q200 The new bill shows the national bird perched on his two legs, unlike the traditional image that shows the quetzal in flight.

Guatemala is the first bill that honors three outstanding people, having the image of them in front;

In the upper (middle right) of the ticket, is a blues band. This is the belt of Tecum Uman, a replica of the monument of the zone 13 in Guatemala City.

Another security measure is the hallmark of Tecum Uman coat of arms on the front of the ticket, right at the bottom center. It is a seal of water leaving view this image.