2 Euros Slovenia 2011

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

In Slovenia this March 21 went into circulation commemorative 2-euro coin in honor of the centenary of the birth of Rozman Franc(1911-1944).
The coin was minted at the Mint of Finland, with an emission of one million coins.
The design is by Edi Berk.

Franc Rozman was a Yugoslav Partisan commander in World War II, where he fought as a supporter of the liberation of the German occupation of Slovenia.
Previously participated in the International Brigades against Francoduring the Spanish Civil War.

New 1000 pesos in Chile

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Chile completed the renovation of the Family of tickets, in exchange for pesos bill

The Central Bank of Chile presented the new image of the note of one thousand dollars, the fifth and last of the New Family of Banknotes since September 2009 has gradually replaced the existing 30 years.

The circulation of new paper money will begin next May 11, through commercial banks and gradually, through ATMs. This was announced by the Central Bank president, José de Gregorio, who unveiled the image of the new issue with general manager and manager Alejandro Zurbuchen treasurer, Ivan Montoya.

The new bill, like those of 2.00 and 5,000 pesos, will be of polymer material, and on the front will have a pronounced relief and a transparent window complex, which incorporates within it the character and the number 1,000.

Like the notes of 2,000 and 5,000 pesos, has an incomplete picture of the number in each of the faces-looking back-up the number 1,000 in its fullness-and Antú that the tilt change from green to gold.

The obverse of this payment keeps the portrait of Ignacio Carrera Pinto, this time based on a portrait by Juan Manuel Huidobro in 1982, from the collection of the Military Academy. It also incorporates the image of the heart of Copihue, national flower and the Antú, Mapuche symbol representing the sun that fertile land in the same position as the bills of 2,000 and 5,000 pesos.

The reverse shows an image of Torres del Paine National Park, known world biosphere reserve located in the Magallanes region, noted for its spectacular scenery and rock formations, making it a unique tourist destination and international fame . For its part, the fauna is represented by the image of a guanaco, ruminant mammal that lives in the Andes between Peru and Tierra del Fuego, often in places of little movement.

The ticket is the smallest of all, 7 mm smaller than the $ 2,000, while keeping the same height, 120 x 70 mm, 25 mm less than today. This as due to one of the features of the new family that facilitates the identification, which is the difference of 7 millimeters in length between each of their names, in descending order of their value. Therefore, the $ 20,000 bill has measure 148 x 70 mm versus the $ 10,000 that measures 141 x 70 mm, the $ 5,000 134 x 70 mm and $ 2,000 127 x 70 mm. For its part, the new bill of $ 1,000 has measure 120 x 70 mm, 25 mm less than today. All tickets will retain the same height.

The circulation of the New Family of tickets has been a gradual process, which included all denominations and which began in September 2009 with a bill of 5,000 pesos, followed by the introduction of the bill of 10,000 pesos in March , 20,000 pesos in July and 2,000 in November 2010. Soon, 11 May, with the introduction of the bill of 1,000 pesos, will complete the renovation of the Family of Banknotes of Chile.