Oruro, Bolivia Bicentennial coin

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

The Central Bank of Bolivia presented on 9 February in honor session of the Legislative Assembly in the city Department of disbursing the commemorative coins in honor of the bicentennial of the Revolution of Oruro. And the night of February 11 Bicentennial give the coin of Oruro to the residents of this Andean region who live in the city of La Paz as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of his cry for freedom and urged the people of Oruro to maintain up whenever the emblem of freedom and equality.

The Commemorative Coin was delivered by the President of BCB, Marcelo Zabalaga, the Governor of Oruro, Santos Javier Tito Veliz and subsequently the President of the Multinational State, Evo Morales, as a symbol of membership of the Central Bank to the Bicentennial celebration liberal cause of October 6, 1810.
He reminded attendees that the October 6, 1810, is a civic date incorporated into the official calendar since 2005. This is not an isolated date, is the culmination of an ideal of freedom conceived in 1739, endorsed the February 10, 1781 by Sebastian Paymaster and spirit remained dormant in the city for more than 86 years until the declaration of Independence in 1825.

Zabalaga said that this is the contribution to the commitment to ensuring the best future for the country and the contribution made by the Bolivian Government in the search for better days for the Bolivian population and particularly for the people of Oruro, confirming the commitment of daily work support the productive power of his arms, Oruro.

Commemorative coin, the obverse bears the bust of Thomas Barron that the October 6, 1810 Village led the rebellion against the colonial power Oruro. On the reverse of the coin features the coat of arms of Bolivia.

The piece weighs 15 grams, has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 29 mm, 2 mm thick and smooth edge. Its outer ring is silver (Ag900), while the core of brass and aluminum (Nordic gold).

The BCB issued seven thousand units of the Currency and is available in boxes of the institution in the city of La Paz and the Credit Bank city of Oruro.