Bolivia comemorative coin

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) was released the "commemorative coin of the principles and values of the new constitution" was promulgated on 7 February.
Were sent to develop 7000 units of commemorative coins to the Mint Royal House of Holland
The silver coin of 27 grams, will cost 200 Bolivianos and is sold in boxes of BCB and agencies of the Union Bank.
The coins are forged with a smooth edge composition of silver 933, high quality, weighing 27 grams, with a cylindrical shape with 32 mm in size.

"The Constitution provides that the State assumes and promotes as ethical and moral principles of society loves qhilla plural concepts, llulla loves, loves suwa (do not be lazy, do not lie, do not steal), sum qamaña (live well) Ñandereko (harmonious life), Teko kavi (good life), ivi maraei (land without evil) and Qhapaj nan (road or noble life), "argues the paper.

The first three concepts: llulla loves, loves and loves suwa keel, the effigy of President Evo Morales and his name is engraved on one side of the coin and in the other, the national emblem and the legend: State Plurinational Bolivia .

The Central Bank said that when the current Constitution was promulgated, the country launched a renewed phase of its history with the birth of the State Plurinational Bolivia and a new time-oriented principles and values recovered from ancient customs and social relations.

"In commemoration of the historic enactment of the Constitution and the validity of its principles and values, the Central Bank of Bolivia has issued a commemorative coin," justifies such an entity.