The Blue Zone, with official coins

martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Spain. Gift certificates, discounts, and now also coins. Merchants Union Aviles and Shire (Ucayc), headed by Daniel Quiros, is waiting for the Mint and Stamp give them "a bag" full of pieces that will delight lovers of numismatics and benefit primarily to customers of merchants adhere to this entity. The pieces have a size slightly larger than the two-euro coins and delivered for free to customers who make purchases in different amounts with the aim of lowering the cost to park in the blue zone.
"There are businesses that have begun to apply discounts, but once we get the coins will be reimbursed that money somehow. We believe that in March we will have the pieces, "said Quiros, adding:" Our intention was to have had the coins for parking meters at Christmas time but we do not, so now we can begin to be delivered at any time. To grab one of these official pieces, customers should make purchases only establishments of Ucayc. "It is not the same clothing store than a kiosk, so each trader who must assess the coins are delivered," said Quiros.
Small traders, meanwhile, are welcoming the action taken by the Union of Traders in collaboration with the City and the Chamber. Pilar Paneque, head of the Woman Boutique, said the introduction of regulated parking has benefited. "Now, all that is good customer support," declared the entrepreneur who was delighted with the blue zone. "I recovered customers before they went to large stores, where everything is much more expensive, simply because they had to park," he said. In other places like Pearl, devoted to selling lingerie, those responsible have already posted on the door the explanatory signs on the discounts apply to each purchase for parking meters. "Buying in Aviles will be much easier. The ticket of the ORA can get away free, "reads the propaganda.
Other local Interfilm Avilés and in the street Severo Ochoa, already offer discounts on their own. Marifé Roselló, head of the business, began to apply the discount bonds in mid-December. "Minimal cost we pay ten euros fifty percent of the parking ticket," he explained, adding: "I think the blue area has benefited us all. Before customers always came in a hurry because they left their cars double-park and now, for twenty cents can better serve them. Employers are seeing the results and covered parking in Avilés and believe that the next installment of "official coins" will benefit even more.