Dominican Republic: New version of 50 pesos banknote

jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

The Dominican Republic's Central Bank said it has released an enhanced version of the bill of RD $ 50.00 (fifty dollars) in reform its emphasis on design and colors for easier reading using electronic equipment and greater durability.

The bank said the new bill of 50 pesos coexist with the previous notes of that denomination, which continue to maintain its strength for the payment in full discharge of all obligations public or private. Regarding the new bill, the Central Bank explained that it contains, inter alia, the following elements: On the front, accentuating the shade of orange and yellow in the overlying litho background design, and wider upper band engraved with a decorated design native of Boca Chica with zigzag lozenges.

Also at the end of that stretch, in the upper right corner appears the name with the number "50" on a semicircle with the bow up and the flat part at its lower edge and in the upper right, an oval stamp Indian decorated with Boca Chica which two pictures are displayed in a spiral with the value of the name "50".

On the reverse, the new ticket is 50 pesos in the center of a semicircle with left lateral arch to the right and the flat part at the lateral border, in the top right-hand corner, a circle shaped stamp complete with an engraving of decorated Indian design of Boca Chica overprinted with the value of the name "50".

Finally, the back of this new bill is in the bottom right an engraving in a semicircle with the arch upward, smooth, strip center decorated by stripes. The ticket has no value to the text of the letters in their name in security thread. This enhanced version of the bill of RD $ 50 pesos was issued by the Central Bank in accordance with the provisions of Article 25, item c) of the Monetary and Financial Law No. 183-02

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