Black Dragon new record

viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

An individual Chinese banknote - with a face value of just 10p - has sold at auction for a record £80,000.The extremley rare 1 yuan note dates back to 1909 and was the first of its type to be available for public purchase after being produced by the Kwangsi bank.It features 2 black dragons signifying the prowess of the Emperor and Monarch and accordingly named as the "Ooi-Long note", in the middle "Xuan Tong Yuan Bao".To date, only 3 examples of this rare note have been discovered and as the Kwangsi bank was reorganised in 1911 not many are likely to still exist.The note, sold at an auction by Spink, was snapped up by a Taiwanese Collector -- who must remember not to take it to the bureau de change.
Barnaby Faull, from Spink, said: "The Chinese market is very buoyant and potentially unlimited and this was without doubt the finest sale to be held in Hong Kong for banknotes. "The sale also featured a wonderful collection of coins and bonds. In the end, nearly HK$11 million was sold at auction on the day."