New euros in Spain

jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

The Real Casa de la Moneda (Spain mint) minted collection of 10 and 12 euros in value to commemorate the Spanish presidency of the Europe Union during the first half of 2010, according to a ministerial decree published today in the Bulletin Oficial of State. According to the order of 16 December the Ministry of Finance to the National Factory authorized to issue, mint and put into circulation commemorative coins for the first three months of next year.
The coins will be minted by the State in that body, to be delivered to the Bank of Spain to distribute the pieces to this credit institutions which request. The obverse of the coins are played effigies of the Kings and superimposed on the back include a cross strokes symbolizing the union flag on the logo created for the presidency of Spain. The parts of the face value of 12 euros will have a composition of 925 parts per thousand silver and copper, weighing 18 grams, a diameter of 33 mm and a circular edge.
The € 10 will also be composed of silver and copper, but will be larger -40 mm in diameter, weighed 27 grams and will have the canto striatum. According to sources told Efe the National Mint, the two pieces are "legal tender", but may be paid to them only in Spain, as they have no validity in the rest of the eurozone. Citizens wishing to dispose of these items should apply to financial institutions.
The currency face value of 10 euros is aimed at collecting, why minted only 10,000 units and were sold to the public for 44 euros. 12 euro coins, however, will cost the same as their face value, and although they are "in circulation, people tend to save rather than use them to make payments as" previously have shown interest in them having had that request them, "these sources said. According to the ministerial decree, the maximum number of pieces that can be 12 euro coin is two million, although that amount may be increased or reduced, "according to market demand.