Coin conmemorative 70 anniversary of the BCV

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) will circulating a special coin of Bs 0.50, designed and minted by the Central Bank to celebrate its 70th anniversary.
It is of 5,000,000 pieces, which are distinguished from the current 0.50 per show Bs on the reverse the official logo of the 70 anniversary of the BCV, in the front are the same. These coins are legal tender, ie allow for payments for goods and services, but is expected to arouse the interest of collectors, since it is a finite issue: once you've put them all in circulation will be minted overwith the same characteristics.
The allocation of the coins will be the same as conventional ones.In the piping of the bags of 1,000 pieces with the name of Bs 0.50 be combined at random 200 pieces of the special edition.Therefore, will appear gradually and the possibility of finding them when conducting transactions with a single.

La Casa de la Moneda de Venezuela, minted coins with the steel and nickel alloy of the same denomination coins in circulation. With such measures the Central Bank intends to promote a culture of greater care and awareness about the heritage value of banknotes and coins.