The Segovia mint will open as a museum

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

The Mint of Segovia, will open its doors in spring of next 2011. This was just pointed out the mayor of Segovia, Pedro Arahuetes, and the director of museums in Segovia, Alonso Zamora, head of the museum project.

The Real Ingenio who built Felipe II in 1583, and in which some of the coins minted largest in Spain for four centuries, recover their numismatic value through a museum of history of the Currency, with recreations of the systems manufacturing coins. The museum will display the types of issue: a hammer, with rollers in the sixteenth century through the wheel presses (Baroque) and automatic faucets turbine.

Be "a walk in chronological order, starting in 1583 and completed in 1868, the date of the last coinage. More than 9 million euros have been invested in the rehabilitation, of which 6 million have been borne by the central government and the remainder equally between the Junta de Castilla y León and the city of Segovia.

"The rehabilitation works already cover 90% of the execution," said Arahuetes, welcomed the forthcoming opening in spring. Ingenio Royal Rehabilitation is an old project of the city yet, knowing the importance of the only mint that is still standing in Spain, has taken thirty years to return its importance.

The old currency Factory became the 50's of last century flour mill and the Consistory bought in the 80 to the last owner. Since then, the case has been fraught with difficulties, especially economic, given the scale of rehabilitation, conservation and difficulties along the river, the group of buildings declared BIC category of industrial monument.

As pointed out by archaeologists and historians to the site visit "The building itself is part of the machinery itself," says Jorge Soler, hence its size, huge, and its elongated shape, to introduce the machinery used for their other river as a power source in a time when transmission systems did not exist.