New coin proposed in Mexico

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon sent to the Chamber of Deputies the initiative proposed by the minting of a coin called "Bicentenary of Start of National Independence Movement."

During the regular session in San Lazaro, there were two other initiatives where the federal Executive seeks 24 coins minted a series called "Numismatic Heritage of Mexico and other currencies with the title Fifth Anniversary of the Encounter of Two Worlds."

The Start shift to the Committee on Finance, note that the first coin "Bicentenary of Start of National Independence Movement" is to participate in the celebration of national festivals such ancestral tradition and preserve Mexican numismatics, strengthen issuance of commemorative coins, and promote the mining industry.

In nominal value of the currency shall be two hundred dollars in gold metal, circular in shape and will have the registration edge Independence and Freedom, as well as the national emblem in relief sculpture.

Regarding the 24 bimetallic coins commemorating the "Numismatic Heritage of Mexico", highlighting historical passages and Independence, La Republica, Colonia, Viceroyalty and Revolution, among others.