Chile´s new 2000 pesos banknote

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

On November 17 will begin to circulate the new banknote of 2,000 pesos, which was presented by the Central Bank.

José DeGregorio, president of the Central Bank, said the first ticket will start circulation through commercial banks and then via ATMs.

This, like the current one, will be of polymer, but its design has some changes, such as favoring the face of Manuel Rodriguez, based on an engraving by Narciso Desmadryl of 1854, and eliminate riding a horse drawing, as well as the change registration position of the Central Bank of Chile, which was previously up and now goes to the bottom.

On its face, the new bill, which maintains the same color-has a more pronounced relief, while the transparent regions now incorporate details such as the face of Rodriguez.

It also incorporates the image of the heart of Copihue (national flower) and Antu (mapuche symbol) in the same position as the $ 5,000.

Meanwhile, the back has an image of the National Reserve Nalcas in the Araucanía Region, where the volcanoes and Tolhuaca Lonquimay.

In relation to security of the ticket, De Gregorio said that "there are more items tactabilidad and contains more elements of uniform design safety." Also maintained that "we have seen crude imitations, as these tickets are extremely complex to fake."
Facing some criticism from people about some of the new polymer banknotes, De Gregorio said to be "they are lifestyle changes that are occurring throughout the world regarding the use of polymer, which is the same as used in the $ 5,000 "Moreover, the BC announced that the $ 1,000, which will also be polymer begins to flow starting next year.

This is the fourth note of the "new family" of paper money in September 2009 began to replace the one that existed 30 years ago.

In 2011, with the introduction of the bill of $ 1,000, complete the reversal of tickets to the new family. According to the BCV, the day that a circular will be announced "in due course by the Central Bank, as has been done with the other denominations."