Mexican coin is the most beautiful in 2010

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

The group of world Mints awarded the "The World's Most Beautiful Coin" to a Mexican silver coin commemorating the centenary of the Revolution and called "The Revolutionary Rail, said Thursday the Bank of Mexico and the Ministry of Finance.

Financial authorities said in a statement that this decision was taken during the World Conference XXVI Mint directors taking place in Canberra, capital of Australia "award that has previously acquired other Mexican currency."
The central bank said that this award was won in competition with 22 other currencies of countries like Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada, Korea, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, England, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand.
He explained that after two-day exhibition of coins, the directors announced the decision to more than 300 suppliers and observers around the world.
The ten-peso Mexican coin is 48 mm and weighs 62.2 grams of pure silver, which accounts for two troy ounces with fluted edge.
Presents an image in relief "on a revolutionary four steel locomotive, carrying rifles and dressed in the fashion of the time, show the character of a nation moving forward and constantly strives for greatness", the sources said in a statement.
Mexican authorities recalled that in 2008 another Mexican currency with the image of the "Aztec Calendar" received the same award.
At the meeting, the directors of the mints agreed to hold the next conference in Mexico in 2014 in the Federal District and the city of San Luis Potosi, the state capital.
Besides the prize money, Mexico presented in this event other commemorative coins of the Bicentennial of Independence and the centenary of the Mexican Revolution.