Bank of Nicaragua 50 anniversary coin

jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) officially launched commemorative coins alluding to the 50 anniversary of its creation as part of activities for the anniversary, and for the purpose of leaving a testimony of the event to the nation.
The three types of coins which were minted in gold, silver and nickel under the name of 50 cords, are 35 mm in diameter and weighs 31,103 grams.
At the top of the front it reads 50 Anniversary, at the right is the National Bird Guardabarranco with the year of issue 2010, the center four Sacuanjoche flowers at the bottom and the name 50 Cordobas, the reverse has the shield of the NCB .
The President of BCN, Antenor Rosales Bolanos said that with the issuance of the gold coin is to recognize the efforts of all Nicaraguans, as well as officers, employees, workers who have contributed valuable to fulfill its monetary authority fundamental objective to ensure price stability and the smooth functioning of the internal and external payments.
He added that with the silver seeks to represent the transparency and the Central Bank's continuing change in the 50 years since its establishment has appropriated the unique challenges of each period in the economic history of our country and the demands ointernational environment, promoting key actions for monetary policy, exchange and credit.In the case of nickel, a hard strong element, Rosales said it represents the institutional strength of the Central Bank in its 50 years of commitment to stability and economic development of the nation.
During the presentation ceremony in recognition of valuable contributions in the 50 years of institutional life, the 50 th Anniversary Gold Coin it was handed to the presidents of the national monetary authority of the period from 1960 to 2006.