Shortage of coins of 50 and 100 Guarani

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

 The Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) was momentarily out of coins of 50 and 100 Guarani due to the delay of the supplier of those names, confirmed yesterday that Jose Meza, treasurer of the parent bank. The process of monetization of previous series exacerbates the shortage.

The issuer communicates to the public the difficulties of the Central to provide coins of 50 and 100 Guarani and inform the public just solve the problem of providing the currently encountered. However, in the treasury of BCP yesterday knew nothing of the time required to stabilize the stock of these coins.

In some shops, consulted by our newspaper, said that the shortage began to be felt, especially coins G. 50. The fact requires them, in some cases, to return less than what corresponds to its customers, or others, to absorb the difference. 

The same thing happens in supermarkets and on buses, which is not always understood by customers, they say. Others choose to give candy as returned.

According to data from public contracts, the last order of exchange that made the Central was the 27th of April this year.

Minting and supply of coins of 50, 100 and 500 Guarani international tender was awarded in the Casa de la Moneda de Chile SA, represented here by signing Ruvicha Tape.

On the other hand, should also be noted that since January this year there is the exchange of coins issued before 2006. These are G. 5, 10, 50 (silver) and 50.100 and 500 (gold), for new series of equal value, an operation which meant a greater issue of new coins by the BCP.

Only in the first quarter of this year, the parent bank 30,120,000 issued coins of the denominations, which doubles the amount that was circulated throughout 2010, some 15,158,010 units.

While in the vault of the parent bank, at the end of April this year, had about 41,681,790 units of the different denominations in the process of monetization or loss of value.

Banknotes 5,000 to 10,000

Moreover, the treasury of the Central Bank reported that to date has not yet received the new items of tickets 5,000 to 10,000 Guarani names which are also late and whose scarcity hinders the activities of traders.

The treasury of the issuing entity has also reported that sufficient stock of 20,000 tickets and 2,000 Guarani and currency of 1,000 Guaraní, with whom they think will meet the needs of the system.