Argentina will issue coin for 160 years the College of Uruguay

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Argentina's Senate approved the bill's deputy PS, Lisandro Viale, to mint a commemorative coin for 160 years in the Colegio del Uruguay "Justo José de Urquiza," the city of Concepción del Uruguay, (completed in 2009), with the image of the historic building.

The College is located in the city of Concepción del Uruguay, Uruguay Department, Entre Ríos, Argentina, was created by General Justo José de Urquiza, on July 28, 1849 and is the oldest secular establishment Argentina, second only to years by the Jesuit Colegio de Montserrat, Cordoba, and beating his time in over a decade, the National College of Buenos Aires and at the time of its creation was proposed as an alternative to poor public education in the country " said the deputy.

According to a press release recalled the Deputy, the College was not only the country's first secular establishment, but also was the first to encourage the entry into the classroom of young people from all religions, both genders and any race or social.In 1942 he was declared "National Monument". In the grounds Socialist lawmaker proposes that "when Urquiza said that his heir would this college, wanted to turn symbolize their hope that their maximum contribution to national life would be understood as an input in preparation for a different future for peace, development for the advancement of the arts and sciences. "

Pioneered free education, a pioneer in the education of both sexes, a pioneer in teaching physical education, science and the arts, a pioneer in suppressing the tenets of the content of teaching, a pioneer in giving shelter and a prominentEuropean émigrés many of whom were fleeing persecution for their innovative ideas.

Some data summarizing the relevance and importance of the institution.

It has two museums - a complete natural history museum and a historical museum - a library of 23,000 volumes, an old printing press which dates from 1852, which served as a lookout lookout twice heroic, a courtyard with cistern carved from a single block of Carrara marble, a centenary camphor donated by General Urquiza and an impressive triptych of sculptor Lucio Correa Morales reminded the school's founder, Dr. Alberto Larroque and administrator George Clark.