Mexico´s giant coin

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Mexico's Congress authorized the issuance of the largest gold coin that was manufactured in Mexico: the commemorative Bicentennial of the beginning of the War of Independence.

The decree issued by the federal government emphasizes that it is a piece of one kilogram of pure gold 0999 law with a diameter of 90 mm, will have on the obverse the coat of arms, and back, the figure of the Angel of Independence 1810-2010Bicentennial legend and the face value of 200 pesos.

"To coin a piece of the proposed dimensions is a unique event in the country'snumismatic tradition, coupled with than others, like Canada, Russia, China and Australia, have been minted gold coins of this size or even larger, with great success, which would strengthen Mexico's presence in the international numismatic market, "justified the commission ruled in the Senate to approve the issuance.

For the federal executive, the currency proposal was "unprecedented" since theancient weigh only 41.6 grams, 37.5 grams of which are gold 0900 law, and its diameter is 37 mm.