Costa Rica circulate new banknotes of one and two thousand colones

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

The Central Bank of Costa Rica today began to circulate new banknotes and two thousand colones, the bank said in a statement.

According to the agency, from this Monday until Aug. 31 the new and old notes may be used interchangeably in their agencies, branches and ATM networks.

He explained that as of August 31 the old notes will only be received as deposit orexchanged at branches and agencies of commercial offices, while from November 1, 2011 may only be exchanged at the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

The proposed financial institution has an attractive design that incorporates security elements identifiable with the touch, turn and look at the ticket.

Both have shaded images, touch-sensitive elements, makes for the blind, a transparent window and an element which changes color.

The new ticket thousand colones red is a historical figure Braulio Carrillo Colina and shows the coat of arms of Costa Rica.

The reverse is a dry forest ecosystem, which include a Guanacaste tree, a cactus flower and a white-tailed deer.

Size: 125 x 67 mm
Substrate: Polypropylene
Predominant Color: Red

Meanwhile the new ticket two thousand colones, blue, presented as Mauro FernándezAcuña character, along with the facade of the College for Girls.

This note is shown on the reverse a coral reef, highlighting a bull shark, a starfish andsea pens.

Size: 132 x 67 mm
Substrate: Paper 100% cotton fiber
Predominant Color: Blue

The Costa Rican currency exchange with the U.S. dollar is about 510.15 colones.