Dominican Republic changed its banknotes

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

The Dominican Republic's Central Bank announced changes to the bills and one of those changes is the new national currency instead of reading "gold weights" say "RD."

In order that the public can identify the authenticity of banknotes, the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic reported that tickets RD $ 2,000.00 RD $ 1,000.00 RD $ 500.00 RD $ 100.00 RD $ 50.00 for the year 2011.

The bank states that these changes are set forth in Article 229 of the Constitution, promulgated on January 26, 2010 and Article 25, paragraph c) of the Monetary and Financial Law No. 183-02, dated 21 November 2002.
The increase in security ticket RD $ 500.00 RD $ 1,000.00 to RD $ 2,000.00 is in changing the position of "circular seal of the Central Bank," which will be located just below the bunch with four (4) flowers of mahogany the center of the tickets.
Similarly, the position change and modification of the figure with ink that changes color when you change positions the ticket, will be located at the site of the Central Bank's circular seal.

This ink has a different figure for each denomination and in its center the human eye can see a central roller pan up and down.

Also in the bottom of the watermark with the value of the denomination in numbers, there are many points each pixel with a different form for each denomination.

The Central Bank also reported that the RD $ 100.00 tickets have experienced the change of the mode of application of the ink that changes color when you change positions the ticket, which can be seen with more clarity and brightness.

The institution specifies that the new notes will start circulating as stocks run out paper tickets in previous years.

Add these new notes are integrated into the national monetary cone and circulate together with the other names already in force in discharge for the payment of all public and private obligations.