Latin American Historical coins

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

The Bank of Mexico reported today that puts into circulation commemorative coin eighth silver numismatic program belonging to the Meeting of Two Worlds. In this edition, the piece focuses on "Ibero-American Historical Coins."

The above numismatic program began in 1992 at the initiative of the National Mint today and Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda of Spain. At the time, this institution Latin American countries invited to participate in the biannual issue coins to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Meeting of Two Worlds.

As for the design of the eighth commemorative coin, the reverse of a composition presents an excerpt from the "Carta Marina Nvova Tavola" developed by the Venetian Girolamo Ruscelli, which first appeared in 1562 and was part of the work "Geography" of that author, published in Venice in 1598. Strictly speaking it is a portulano (collection of drawings of various ports, bound in atlas form). In the foreground, playing the front and back of the coin with a weight of silver, known popularly as "Peso Caballito", considered the same as Mexico's first commemorative coin, which was coined in 1909 to commemorate the centenary the start of the Independence of Mexico.

This series coin limited broadcast with the participation of the following countries (in alphabetical order): Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Portugal.

According to the specifications contained in the decree published in the Official Journal of the Federation dated June 14, 2011, the currency goes into circulation today has the following:

Technical specifications
Nominal Value: Five pesos.
Diameter: 40.0 mm.
Edge: Striated.
Metal: Silver (0925 law).
Weight: 27.0 g (0.8681 Oz.).
Finish: Mirror.

Obverse: In the center, the National Emblem in sculptured relief surrounded in a semicircle above the legend "United Mexican States." Surrounding this and following the contour of the frame, the national emblem of the other countries participating in the eighth issuance of commemorative coins of the fifth anniversary of the Encounter of Two Worlds. The frame smooth.

Reverse: In the upper field in a semicircle, the legend "LATIN AMERICAN HISTORICAL COINS." Deprecated center to right field the reverse design of the piece known as "horse weighing" in the foreground and the front in the background with the national emblem used in the said currency. In the lower left field the dollar sign "quot; continued the number" 5 "under it the number" 2010 ". In the upper left field the mint of the Mint of Mexico. In the exergue the word" MEXICO " . In the background, sea plane which appears in New Spain. The frame smooth. "

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