Silver coin of 100 Anniversary of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

The Bank of Mexico presented the commemorative silver coin of 100 Anniversary of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in a ceremony at the banking hall of the main building of the Central Bank. The ceremony was chaired by the Governor of the Bank of Mexico, Dr. Agustín Carstens Carstens, the Rector of the Leading Studies, Dr. José Narro Robles, and the Secretary of Finance, Dr. Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña.

The obverse of the piece bears the national emblem of Mexico, surrounded by the legend United Mexican States. For its part, the reverse has a stylized contemporary composition and landmarks of the City University, Heritage: The main facade of the Rectory Tower, designed by Mario Pani, Enrique del Moral and Salvador Ortega, in which shows the silhouette of the university emblem, the Central Library, designed by Juan O'Gorman, Gustavo M. Saavedra and Juan Martinez de Velasco, decorated with murals of the first "historical representation of culture" and which shows the north wall, corresponding to pre-Columbian times and which concerns the duality of life and death , also at the bottom of the field, distinguishes the silhouette of the Olympic Stadium University of architects Augusto Perez, Raul Salinas and Jorge Bravo Moro, whose front is adorned with the mural "The University, the Mexican family, peace and youth Athlete "by Diego Rivera.

In the bottom half of the field, under the architectural described, represent the elements from the Rectory escultopintura entitled "The people at the university. The university to the people" by David Alfaro Siqueiros. The legends of this face remind us of commemoration, which accompanies the university motto "For My Race Talk Spirit."

Note that the reverse design of the coin, was the result of the proposal that won first place among sixty-nine, resulting from the launching of the contest conducted by the National School of Plastic Arts of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico for design of this commemorative coin on November 28, 2010, whose results were published in the Gazette of the UNAM, March 7, 2011.

Finally, according to the specifications contained in the decree published in the Official Journal of the Federation dated January 27, 2011, the currency goes into circulation today has the following:

a) Nominal value: Ten pesos.
b) Shape: Circular.
c) Diameter: 40.0 mm (forty millimeters).
d) Act, 0999 (thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) silver.
e) Weight: 31,103 g. (Thirty-one one hundred and three milligrams grams) equivalent to 1 (one) ounce of pure silver.
f) Contents: 1 (one) ounce of pure silver.
g) Edge: Striated continuous.
h) dies:

Obverse: The National Coat sculptural relief in a semicircle above the inscription "UNITED MEXICAN STATES." The frame smooth.

Reverse: At the center a stylized contemporary composition and landmarks of the Ciudad Universitaria, below it the number 2010. In the upper field parallel to the legend under NATIONAL AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO, below it the number 100 and the word YEARS. In the upper right the sign "quot; followed by the number 10. In the lower left quadrant of the mint Mint Mexico and parallel to the exergue under the caption" RACE TO SPEAK FOR MY SPIRIT. "