Commemorative coins of the accession of Spain and Portugal to the EU

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

They met 25 years since the accession of Spain and Portugal to the European Union, and for that reason, the houses of both countries coins Royal Mint in Spain and the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda in Portugal, have decided to launch selling a pair of commemorative pieces, one gold and one silver.

The coins have the same design, they differ only by the shield of each country, and facials. Facials in Spanish are 20 and 10 euro, while the Portuguese are 0.25 and 10 euro.
In the front gold pieces corresponds to an engraving of two sheets of paper, plus the national emblem, while in the back we see the same print, with the addition of a sphere with stars, representing the European Union.

The silver coin however, is on the obverse the profile of His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I, and the Portuguese edition, his coat of arms. The reverse contains the face of the coins, which is 10 euro for two, and a metal band recorded.
The kits, which are already publicly available, have a value of 95 or 163 euros, so, depending on if you buy only the few Spanish coins, commemorative or four.