New 2000 pesos in Colombia

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

The Bank of the Republic of Colombia put into circulation, the newbill of 2,000 dollars which has a trademark for the Blind, located onthe left side and in high relief that corresponds to the number "2" in Braille.
This ticket has the same design and same security system as above.
In Bogotá this new version (braille) entered service on December 28, 2010, with an edition of 100 million units, two thousand.Throughout the month of January will be distributed in the differentbranches of the Bank of the Republic.
Currently, the only bills that have Braille are 50 thousand dollars tohave the number 50 on the lower face of the ticket, along with theserial number, also in relief.
According to the Issuer, gradually all tickets will be modified withBraille.