"Plastic" Banknote at Dominican Republic

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic issued on 1 July a new 20-peso banknote made of polymer plastic-like material.
Key Features Transparent window in the form of butterfly wings BCRD initials in the butterfly-shaped figure with ink that changes from purple to gold shaded image of the equestrian statue of the national hero Gregorio Luperon, observable only to the light for the blind microprint Brand Yarn Relief Intaglio security, touch antiescáner Medallion Fund and circular antifotocopia Bank The ticket is non-fibrous polymer or porous, so stand three to four times more than the paper ticket, making it more convenient to print small bills.
In addition, the polymer banknote is more hygienic because it absorbs less moisture, sweat and dirt, and modern technology which makes possible to incorporate new and more effective security measures that make it difficult to counterfeit.
The printing of this new bill RD $ 20.00 in polymer was authorized by the Honorable Monetary Board through its Eighth Resolution dated May 28, 2008, after the Committee on Contests for printing banknotes and minting coins carefully weigh the advantages of this technology for the manufacture of small bills.
On July 24, 2009, the impression was subject to international competitive bidding contest LR No. BC02-2009-B.