Argentina's coin of Fifa World Cup 2010

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

The board of Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) authorized the participation of Argentina in the Commemorative Coin Program World Cup South Africa 2010 with the issuance of coins.
Invited by the FIFA, the Planning and Control of Central Bank Treasury was responsible for design and thus, the Andean country will be one of the few, along with Brazil, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal, which will produce currencies at this time.
The BCRA only minted gold and silver pieces, these coins will generic reasons related to football, which makes them ideal for collectors.
The gold coin, whose face value says "10 dollars" - gives, in the main field, the soccer ball in the net. In the left arch reads "Argentina" and the year of issue "2010." You will have a diameter of 23 mm and a weight of 6.75 grams. 175 units will be struck, the value will be $ 1,900, the value will vary with the price of the metal.
The silver coin has, in the central mark, an effigy representing multiple swollen Argentina with the national flag. It reads "Argentina" and the year of issue "2010." The back of both pieces displayed at the central logo that identifies the South Africa World Cup 2010 and falls below the face value of "5 Pesos" (for silver). However, the real value is $ 230.