Commemorative coin approved for Mexico's National Polytechnic Institute

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

In February started the proposal for this coin but in april with 95 votes, the Senate authorized the issuance of a bimetallic coin with face value of 20 pesos, marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

The opinion, endorsed without discussion, the IPN is a leading avant-garde in the training of technicians and professionals in the fields of administration, science, engineering and new technologies.

"He has served millions of Mexicans who have contributed to the scientific life, cultural, academic and research in Mexico," so it is necessary to recognize its work force since 1936, said the full Senate.

He noted the significant growth in the number of scientists from the IPN incorporated into the National System of Researchers (SNI) since 2003 to 2007 rose from 322 to 518, and in 2010 had 741 scientists assigned to the SNI.

IPN currently has an enrollment of over 150 thousand students in 271 races, grew out of a technical education system involving Narciso Bassols and engineers Luis Enrique Erro and Carlos Vallejo Márquez.

The former president of Mexico, Lazaro Cardenas, began the integration of the National School of Commerce, the Industrial School of Arts and Crafts and the School of Homeopathic Medicine.

Now these institutions are known as the High School of Commerce and Administration (ESCA), School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ESIME) and the National School of Homeopathic Medicine (ENMH).

Similarly, the Senate endorsed the characteristics of the eighth silver coin commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of the Encounter of Two Worlds, and a gold coin to mark the Bicentenary of Start of National Independence Movement.

In another opinion adopted by the full Senate, establishes the characteristics of 24 bimetallic coins commemorating the Heritage Numismatic Mexico.