Panama new coin

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

The Board of Panama Viejo made the presentation of the new coin of fifty cents, alluding to the Convent of the Nuns of the Conception, the new currency will be distributed by the National Bank.

Centered on the obverse of the coin is the image of the Convent of the Nuns, in the upper contour of the monument's name and the year "2010" in the lower contour. On the back, in the center, is embodied the shield of the Republic of Panama, the phrase "Republic of Panama."

The Panamanian State through Law 73 of November 11, 2009 approved the minting of coins 3 million fifty cents, current movement, and memorial to the Monumental Complex of Panama Viejo.

During the presentation at the Convent of the Nuns of the Conception was released to the audience the new currency of fifty cents alluding to the image of the Convent of the Sisters, whose manor shall revert to the funds from the Board of Old Panama, for the restoration of historic Monumental.

This coining the Panamanian State has sought to highlight the value of the Monumental Complex of Panama Viejo, both for Panama and the rest of humanity.

To celebrate its entry into service, the Board of Panama Viejo organized an activity to show the collection of coins belonging to Carlos Henriquez, chairman of the Board of the National Bank.