Costa Rica with new banknotes

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

The new bill of ¢ 20 000 will begin to circulate in early August.
This was announced last night the manager of the Banco Central de Costa Rica, Roy Gonzalez in the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), where there were six new denominations of banknotes to replace the existing. According to Gonzalez, the second ticket will be out of ¢ 2,000 in September or October, and hopes that before the end of the year and circle the other denominations, except the ¢ 50,000, as assessed by first accepting the ticket of ¢ 20 000 .
Each note refers to one of the six ecosystems that exist in the country and are printed on the front to worthy of the country. The presentation was made to relatives of the characters of the tickets. In addition, the artist Manuel Obregón piano work played in Symbiosis. ¢ 20 000 banknote will be printed 40 million of formulas at a cost of $ 0.0594 (about ¢ 30).
The company that makes these notes is Oberthur Technologies, whose facilities are located in Rennes, France. A family. Marvin Alvarado, director of the Central Bank Treasury, explained that the new notes are called "family" as all items are placed in the same position.
Tickets are the same height but different width, in order to help the blind or visually impaired. Dario Negueruela, emission and safety director of the Bank of Spain, who attended the activity, stressed that the security measures of the ticket of ¢ 20,000 are the same as has the new $ 100 U.S..