Commemorative coin of Bicentennial of the May Revolution in Argentina

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

The Central Bank of Argentina reported that on Monday December 2, 2011 will begin circulating the new currency of two pesos. This is a mint commemorative Bicentennial of the May Revolution. Coexist with tickets of equal value and integrate the current money supply. Serve as payment for all transactions

The first series of this coin is 100 million units, which will reach the public as usual mechanism BCRA distribution through financial institutions. The distribution process will begin on Monday, December 12.

Contrary to the current 1 peso coin, this new piece at the heart of the coin is silver and gold ring is. Its diameter is 24.5 mm.

In terms of design, at the center of the obverse presents the Argentine Bicentennial visual identity created for the commemoration by the Office of the President, with the inclusion in the center of the sun. In the ring, meanwhile, reads in the upper arch reading "Argentina" and in the lower arch, "In Union and Liberty."

The reverse of the coin features the core face value, "2 pesos", framed with the visual identity of Argentine Bicentenary. In the lower arch ring shows the year of commemoration, "2010", completing the perimeter with laurels and pearl.

Also, the song of the new $ 2 coin is composed of four sections and four slotted flat, alternating each other to facilitate touch recognition by the visually impaired.

Its metal composition comprises a copper alloy (92%), aluminum (6%) and nickel (2%) in the ring and copper (75%) and nickel (25%) in the nucleus.

From there on the market will start to speculate whether it also will double the cash up to the issuance of paper money, that is, if you will bear the $ 200, or $ 500, to resemble the purchasing power of the highest nomination dollar and euro.