New Peru coin of Sarcophagus of Karajia

viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

The Central Bank of Peru (BCR) put into circulation the new currency of a sun alludes to the "Sarcophagus of Karajía" which is part of the series numismatic Wealth and Pride of Peru.

This becomes the second currency of that coin series because, as noted, the first to be marketed was the "Golden Tumi", launched on 29 March.

On the reverse of the coin (heads) is seen in the center one of the Sarcophagus of Karajía, formed by a capsule of the human aspect, which corresponds to a mortuary ritual of the Chachapoyas culture.

On the left side of the sarcophagus, it includes the mark of the National Mint on a geometric pattern of vertical lines, right next to the name in number, the name of the monetary unit of undulating lines and under the sentence Sarcophagus of Karajia, S. VII-XV d.C.

All this surrounded by an eight-sided polygon that forms the thread of the coin.

The obverse (Seal) is seen in the center the coat of arms of Peru and the words "Central Bank of Peru", the year of issue and a polygon
recorded eight sides that form the thread of the coin.

The BCR indicates that these coins are legal tender and will circulate simultaneously with the current coins of S /. 1.00.

He adds that this series coin "is intended, spread through a means of payment for mass use, the rich cultural heritage of our country and encourage the culture numismatics."

Characteristics of Currency

Title: S /. 1.00
Alloy: Alpaca
Weight: 7.32 g
Diameter: 25.5 mm
: Reeded
Mintage Year: 2010
Obverse: Coat of Arms
Reverse: Denomination and the reason for alluding to the Coffin
of Karajía
Issue: 10 million units